Niall Horan at Maine Savings Amphitheater

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Maine Savings Amphitheater | Bangor, Maine

Niall Horan

Scream and shout for the upcoming pop music blast in Bangor grounds as Niall Horan puts up his “The Show” Live on Tour on Wednesday, 19th of June, at Maine Saving Amphitheater, Maine. Setting up a global tour in 2024, the pop music royalty will land in Maine to give you a captivating performance from his guitar-driven sounds that will surely catch your musical ears in a snap. Known for his blend of rock, pop, folk, and country music, Niall Horan is now heading to live stages for a night-long celebration of music of his style that will hook you in an instant. Bagging multiple awards, including American Music Awards and BMI Awards, in his solo career, he will now highlight his headlining album “The Show,” composed of 10 beautiful tracks, including the chart-topping songs “Heaven” and “Meltdown.” Feel every beat and harmony as Niall Horan unleashes the whimsical melodies for a night full of musical magic that will give you thrills all night. Grab your tickets now!

Maine Niallers! The long wait is over because the pop music star Niall Horan is arriving with a banger for his “The Show” Live on Tour on Wednesday, 19th of June, at Maine Saving Amphitheater, Bangor. From rhythmic ballads to groovy upbeat sounds, Niall Horan will do it all in one night as he delivers his pop music renditions for you to enjoy.

Cooking a 2024 global tour, Niall Horan will have his way straight to Maine audiences for sweet but deadly musical performances, Niall Horan style! Known as a former member of the legendary boy group One Direction, Niall Horan continues to glam on his solo career with his songs that are not just chart-topping but gathered positive reviews from listeners. Winning the American Music Awards and BMI Awards, his soft rock sounds from his simple guitar are all it needs for Niall Horan to create songs that catch the hearts of the audiences LIVE!

Niall Horan’s album “The Show,” released in 2023, will be the headlining album of this tour as he showcases his heartfelt lyrics that will surely get your feelings. Described as a deeply felt meditation on everything, Niall Horan’s lyricism and soul-stirring music are engraved in this one hell of an album. From ballads to upbeat sounds, the 10-track album will be the highlight of the night, including the songs “Meltdown” and “Heaven,” which will give you an unexplainable music experience, no question.

THE SHOW Tracklist
If You Leave Me
Never Grow up
The Show
You Could Start A Cult
Save My Life
On A Night Like Tonight
Must Be Love

“There is nothing better than watching the fans sing back to you with all that emotions on their faces and knowing that they are attaching the song to something that is meaningful in their own lives.”

Niall Horan’s “The Show” Live on Tour will be held in Maine Savings Amphitheater, the home of the biggest concerts in the state. With its grand amphitheater, breathtaking views, and top-notch concert facilities and productions, no doubt it's the perfect location for a pop masterclass, courtesy of Niall Horan. Don't be absent from this monstrous event, as Niall Horan delivers the enchanting musical experience that will mark your minds forever. Grab your tickets now!

Niall Horan at Maine Savings Amphitheater

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